I started watching a new show on Netflix last weekend. I was completely immersed in the story and interested in the characters so I went to the next episode. Then I watched one more, and another and another.

I kept my eyes fixed on the television until the auto-play stopped and the question, “Are you still watching,” flashed on the screen. That disruption shook me out of my trance-like state.

The number of episodes I binge watched really disturbed me. I had morphed into a human beanbag filled with passiveness and apathy. It was so easy to allow Netflix to keep playing all those hours because it required absolutely no decisions from me—I didn’t even have to move. I’ve realized lately that I allow that same sort of “auto play” to occur in a lot of areas of my life.  

That is definitely what is happening with my faith. Instead of being an active seeker, working on strengthening my relationship with God, I’ve become merely an observer. My prayers lately have been half-hearted mumbles and something I do as part of a worn-out routine. And this is during Lent, a season when there are opportunities to do so much more! (I’m particularly thinking of picking up a book on Lent or watching a movie or documentary on Jesus’ life. Those are readily available right now. And, there’s Reconciliation Monday on April 10 for confession.)

I am going to try my best to use the remaining time leading up to Easter to do things to awaken my spirit and begin moving towards God again.


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