A ‘Super’ Wedding

This past weekend, my husband and I attended a wedding that could have been right out of the pages of book—a comic book. The bride and groom had selected a superhero theme for their wedding.


Underneath his gray suit, the groom wore a Superman shirt—which he wore for the reception. All the groomsmen also had superhero shirts on as well…including Batman, Captain America, the Flash and Spiderman. The small children in the wedding party also wore costumes of superheroes.


The more I thought about it, the more fitting the idea of Superheroes seemed for marriage…for both men and women. And really, the same can be said for all vocations—the priesthood, religious life, and those who choose to remain single. I can only speak from own experiences, so I’m going to focus on married life and say that just like the superheroes you see in the pages of comics, spouses are asked many times to consider the needs of someone else first.


Unlike superheroes, however, we don’t have special abilities, super suits, or powers to help us. We do, however, have our faith. We are blessed in that we can call on our faith to help us daily. Even when we think we can’t do something because we are too tired, too scared, too upset, etc., all we have to do is remind ourselves of the words of St. Paul who said, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


To the newlyweds, and any newly married couples…may God bless your marriage!

2 thoughts on “A ‘Super’ Wedding”

  1. Nice post in support of the vocation of marriage! Truly, we can all be superheroes to others if we rely on our faith in God. Would you mind if I published your post in our Cincinnati, Ohio area Worldwide Marriage Encounter newsletter? Keep up the fine writing!


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