A Change in the Weather

I love the sound of leaves rustling in the trees, and the crunch they make when they are dried and crushed under my feet. When those first cool bursts of air reach my lungs when I step outside in the morning, I feel like I’m being stirred alive.


And the one never-fail sign that fall has arrived in New York: Shops are swapping iced coffee drinks for pumpkin-spiced everything.


There have been a lot of not-too-great changes that have taken place this year. For me, the hardest thing has been seeing much-loved family members having to cope with extraordinarily difficult health situations. Maybe life hasn’t been that great for you recently, either. Perhaps you are dealing with an unexpected loss, or money problems, or your own health issues or addictions.


If you aren’t having the best of times right now, it may be hard to keep the faith. I know it is hard for me sometimes. There are certain changes that have occurred that are hard to accept and some I just don’t understand.


But then I remember a friend who told me a story from when his son was really sick. He said he was praying constantly and worried, wondering if his child would survive. While he was praying, he had a thought that stopped him from worrying so much. He told me that he thought about God, and what God would say, and in his mind, he heard God say, “He was my child first.”


That’s true for all of us. Throughout our lives, with every change, good and bad, God is there with us. He’s closer to us than anyone because we were His first.


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