Faith Through Tragedy

Because of the religious writing I do, I often get suggestions on Facebook and Twitter for Catholic social media websites. I was recently directed towards one called Facebook Apostles. I had the chance to speak to the founder and director whose life was greatly affected by the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, and whose faith shines through the darkness. 

On Sept. 11, the site’s founder, Nic Haros, Jr., who worked at the World Trade Center, suffered great losses. 

His mother, who also worked at the Trade Center for another organization died in the attacks and her body was never recovered. 

As sometimes happens in families, the two were in a quarrel that week.  However, after work on Sept. 10, Haros had to travel to Baltimore on business. When he arrived, he had a feeling he should call his mother.

“I apologized for my contribution to the argument, and she did too, and I told her I loved her. And those were the last words we ever spoke,” he said.

A countless number of friends also perished. He also lost his job. 

“Even through all that, I believed God was guiding and preparing me for what would come next,” he said. 

Taking all his skills for business, computers, and his faith, the idea for Facebook Apostles came into being.  

“Eventually I learned it was God’s vocation for me and as such it’s really become an extension of my own spiritual life,” he said. 

“What I do, I do out of love,” he added.  

What an amazing testament to faith.   You can find Facebook Apostles at


2 thoughts on “Faith Through Tragedy”

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