Going on a Pilgrimage With Jesus

With World Youth Day going on this week in Poland, my mind has been focusing on the idea of pilgrimages. I was fortunate enough to attend World Youth Day in Madrid in 2011 and the experience deepened my faith and trust in God. However, it’s been a long time since then and it’s about time I reflect and reconsider where I am in my spiritual journey and how I could renew my faith now.


A few questions keep coming up in my mind: Do I walk with Jesus in my life today? Do I allow him to stay by my side or do I push him away? Am I moving forward in my faith or am I standing still?


They are difficult questions to answer. At this current moment in time, I would have to say that I try to keep Jesus out of my life and am inclined to push Him away because I am afraid to move forward in my faith. Why would I do such a thing? In all honesty, I get too caught up in the world and focus on too many distractions that get the better of me, and forget about focusing on my faith. Moving forward in faith means becoming a better person and quite frankly, that’s a hard thing to do. Especially when you are caught up in what you want and not what Jesus wants.


Thankfully, He is full of mercy and forgiveness and desires for us to come back to Him no matter how many times we turn from Him or go the wrong way!  


So during this week, in which the Church is focusing on the idea of pilgrimage, I’m going to try harder to move forward in faith. How about you?  


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