What Can You Do For WYD?


World Youth Day officially begins today with an Opening Mass in Błonia Park. As you may know, the theme for this year is the fifth beatitude from the Gospel of Matthew, ““Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”


It’s a good theme to have because this is also the Year of Mercy. The theme had me thinking about the idea of giving and receiving. It also reminded me of the saying, “You get what you give.” For pilgrims in Poland, that will be very true. Whatever they put into their spiritual journey, they will get back. Pilgrimages are hard, and the harder you work at it, the more gifts you’ll receive. So to all of you in Poland: Don’t give up! Keep going!


But what can those of us at home do? We can also give our time to Jesus throughout the week in prayer and sacrifice. For instance, we can use our time to enrich our spiritual life—such as by reading the works of St. Faustina or St. Pope John Paul II, who, by the way, were both Polish!


Do you have any other ideas on how to unite yourselves to those attending World Youth Day and encounter Christ this week? Please share.


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