World Youth Day Is About to Begin

World Youth Day begins this coming week on Tuesday, July 26. Many Catholic New Yorkers are on their way to Krakow, Poland as I write these words. Others, perhaps, like me, will be staying home.


For those staying home, this week can still be one of an encounter with Christ.   There are a few ways that we can unite ourselves with those who are in Poland. One is through social media.


The Catholic Apostolate Center in collaboration with the WYDUSA office will have live updates and videos from Krakow that can be found at


Before the week begins, I thought that all of us—traveling pilgrims and people staying home—could begin our spiritual journey by thinking about the theme of this year’s World Youth Day, “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” Not only that, I thought we could all ask ourselves, what exactly does mercy mean, and how are we living mercy in our lives?


Are you traveling to World Youth Day or staying home? What are your thoughts on mercy?



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