A Colorful Prayer Life

I recently received an adult coloring book from Paraclete Press titled “Pray and Color” by Sybil MacBeth. Over the past few years I have definitely been into the coloring craze and am a huge proponent of this form of relaxation—and now—this form of prayer.


In all the times that I have colored, I never thought to combine it with prayer. But the two do fit in well together. Coloring calms the mind. It allows me, at least, to focus on the simple things—the colors, the lines—it is quite meditative.


I knew I could easily get hooked into this type of prayer when I read something the author wrote about how she felt while praying and coloring: “My body and mind were less antsy, fidgety, distracted, and unfocused than they had been during prayer time.”


Throughout the book, the author explains different types of prayers and how to use drawing and coloring to pray in the front of the book, while the rest of the book includes templates and drawings for one to color in.


I was lucky enough to receive a few copies of the book. I thought it would be fun to hold a small contest to raffle off the books.


From now until Friday—I invite everyone to draw a small doodle and take a picture of it—send it by email to me at jdossantos@cny.org along with your name and mailing address. Four people will be randomly selected by those sent in by Monday at noon to win the coloring books! Your artwork will be shown on this blog! It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be yours!


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