Taking Polaroid Moments

Yesterday, my family gathered to celebrate the 14th birthday of my niece. During the party, I saw her taking a few photos with a Polaroid camera. Yes, in this age of digital everything she was taking old-fashioned Polaroids. I thought it was awesome, and not just because I happen to take Polaroid photos, too, every once in a while.


I thought it was great because compared to digital photos you take on your phone—waiting for a Polaroid to develop is fairly slow. Also, you can’t retouch it or Photoshop it in any way. It is what it is.


The photos led my thoughts towards how many moments I take for granted—moments that are worth capturing. (For anyone thinking of Pokemon Go! right now and capturing Pokemon…yes, maybe that has something to do with my thoughts as well.)


In all seriousness, though, I think it’s important to live and experience fully every moment you can. I was talking about this very fact with my husband the other day.


Life gets so busy and stressful sometimes that “downtime” disappears. When that happens, we have to do what we can to find whatever time we can to laugh and love and enjoy. For instance, perhaps you are visiting a loved one at the hospital. That’s definitely not a place you would think you’d find happiness or joy or a moment to remember…but it can be! Just think of those times when someone shares a story, or the patient laughs and forgets their pain. There’s hope there.


That’s a moment to capture and cherish.


What do you think? Do you feel like you find time each day to enjoy life?


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