Use It or Lose It?

When I came into work today, one of the first emails I saw had as its subject, “use it or lose it.” It was an ad for a gym or for sports equipment or something along those lines. I didn’t click onto it because I am already negligent with the regimen I am trying to stick with—namely, walking and bike riding.


But the title of the email made me think of something else besides the miles and miles of ground I have yet to cover—prayer. I’m not talking about the prayers we learn in religious education. I do think that with prayers like the Our Father and the Hail Mary, and prayer practices like the Rosary and Divine Mercy, you can forget the words or the order of things if you don’t keep up with them. So in those cases, it is a “use it or lose it” situation.


I’m talking about, well, just “talking” to God. I mean talking to Him in the form of ordinary, everyday prayers. Sometimes when I haven’t prayed in a while, or if I don’t exactly know what to pray, I get tied up in the “What is the proper thing to do?”   or the “What am I supposed to do?” loop. It’s a paralyzing place to be.


When that happens, I think of something that one of my good Catholic friends told me. God wants to hear from us no matter where we are, no matter what we have to say. Yes, that’s right: good or bad; happy or sad; angry or hurt; God wants us to talk to him. Our prayers can be short or long and there is no wrong way to speak to God. That’s a form of prayer.


In a way, it’s very freeing.


What do you think? Do you ever just talk to God or do you prefer traditional forms of prayer? Please share!


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