Making Memories With Family


We all waited inside the catering hall for the guest of honor to arrive—my husband’s aunt (Rosa)—who was celebrating 80th birthday. It was a surprise party, and her children had invited the entire family to celebrate with her.


Multiple generations gathered together. There were plenty of appetizers, food and desserts—his family knows how to put a feast together. Old photographs stood on the main table where his aunt sat. Everything was perfect. In fact, it was more than perfect. And what topped off the entire night, at least for me, was seeing his Aunt Rosa get up and dance.


Traditional Portuguese music performed by a band filled the space. Aunt Rosa barely sat down while the music played. Her feet remembered all the steps, and her face showed that she was having a wonderful time.


When my sister in law asked me if I’d like to get up and dance and try to learn one of the songs, I said ‘yes’ because of the love and the spirit that was in the room.


It reminded me how lovely it is to have people around you to celebrate special moments with—I realized how blessed I was to be a part of such a special night—I know not everyone is as lucky.


Sometimes I take family moments for granted. But any time spent with a loved one is special. What do you think? Have you ever been in a situation in which you suddenly stopped and looked around and realized how special a moment you were in? Please share!


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