You Bet I Bet On God!


How do you relate to God? Do you compare Him in some way to something or someone familiar? I definitely do. Sometimes I think of Him as a father figure or as a best friend. Those are on the good days.


But often, I must admit, I think of him as a betting man.


Unfortunately, sometimes when I think of God in that way, I see him as being a force against me—as someone I have to beat in a game of chance. It’s like he’s the blackjack dealer and I’m the player.


When my mind goes down this path, I’ll think things like, “God, if this happens, then I’ll do this and that” and try to bribe Him to let me win. But God doesn’t work that way.


Instead of thinking of Him as betting against me, I should start thinking of Him as betting on me! He wants me to do well. He wants me to be happy. He wants that for all of us! I’m not talking about the “feel-good nothing ever goes wrong in my life” kind of happy that Hollywood tries to sell, but the “I can get through anything that happens in my life because God is with me” kind that Jesus tells us about.


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