Where’s Waldo (And Faith, And Joy, and Love)?


I was just on the verge of becoming a tween when the “Where’s Waldo?” books were becoming really popular. I wasn’t too into them, but I did have a few. If you aren’t familiar with that series, they were books that contained different scenes with a plethora of images. In each one, you had to find Waldo—a young man wearing a red and white striped shirt—among the images.


In some cases, it was very hard to find him—at least the first time around. But once he was found, it was easy to go through the book in mere seconds and point him out. The books turned from a “hide and seek” game to a “memory” game.


I’m bringing that up because sometimes our feelings can be like that, too. I know that at times, that’s happened to me. Unfortunately, it’s more often than not, the good feelings like hope, happiness, joy or love. It also happens to things like trust and faith. When someone is having a particularly rough time, it may seem impossible to find those hidden emotions.


I know that if you are suffering from a chronic illness, or a death in the family, or an addiction or any other kind of hardship or tragedy, those good feelings may seem impossible to reconnect with for any extended period of time, if at all.


I know that there are so many people who are searching for lost things—for pieces of their heart and soul. I know that they are there. Maybe deeply hidden—waiting there for you to find them for the first time or to discover them again.


Thoughts? Please share in the comments below.


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