Why Did the Chicken…Listen to Jesus?

A coworker of mine told me a joke the other day. It went like this. Question: “Why did the chicken fall into the well?” Answer: “Because he didn’t see tha’ well!”


I have to admit. I cracked up pretty hard. I know it’s a children’s joke. We both admitted to that. But afterward, the two of us spoke seriously about how often as adults we don’t look at what is around us but automatically think things are better anywhere else but where we are.


I’m a city girl, so all the chicken jokes I’ve heard didn’t really make that much sense to me growing up. But a few years ago, when I went to Portugal with my husband, I had a chance to see chickens in action. When they are startled, they run around like maniacs—not looking where they are going—bounding into whatever is in front of them, flapping their wings like mad.


So when I thought about this joke a little more and compared it to my spiritual life, it made a lot more sense to me. Sometimes, at least for me, I have to remain still and in the place where I am to feel what I am feeling (which right now means getting used to the fact that there are times when I’m going to feel distant from God but that doesn’t mean that He isn’t there) and let God be God.


I can’t just go blindly off, afraid and in a mad dash, just because I’m frightened or not used to it. I have to remain calm and do like Jesus said, “Do not be afraid, I am with you!” John 6:19-20.



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