When Faith Is Like a Mirage

I’ve seen it exaggerated in a few cartoons. A character is lost in the desert when they all of a sudden see an oasis full of water in front of them. When the place of refuge is just out of their reach—it disappears—it turns out to be a mirage.


For the past two or three weeks, that is how I felt about my faith. I felt like it was just out of my grasp. But when I came close to touching it, to feeling it, it disappeared like a mirage. It was a devastating place to be. It’s a place I’ve been before. And it’s a place I’ll most likely be at again.


Generally, when I find myself in this state of being, it’s because I’m overwhelmed with too many things. Perhaps you’ve been in this type of situation before, too. I find that my mind races because it’s full of too many worries. My days fly by because they are filled with too many obligations that I have to fulfill. My heart aches because there are just so many loved ones in difficult situations. Or perhaps you yourself are going through a difficult time from sickness, addiction or difficulties at work or in the home or another situation that is weighing you down.


When this happens, there is one quote from the Bible that helps keep me grounded. It’s a really simple one. It doesn’t help me to catch up to the mirage, but it reminds me that God is present right where I am and that I don’t need to go searching to find him. He’s already with me. I don’t have to try so hard. The quote is this, from Psalm 46:10: “Be still, and know that I am God.”


When life is swirling around, it’s nice to remember to just be still and let God do his thing in our lives.


One thought on “When Faith Is Like a Mirage”

  1. This is so true. He is with you every instant of every minute and He will always be there. all you have to do is believe it.


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