Getting out of a Ditch


I haven’t posted anything in a while. That’s because I like to be totally honest and up front about my faith on this blog—and for the past few weeks, I have metaphorically driven my faith off course.


I kind of felt like I’ve been in a car driving fast on a highway with the radio on, but with an unruly and unhealthy passenger in the car talking next to me. I can recognize what song is on the radio, but I really can’t make out the words or put a name to it because I’m paying attention to the road and what the person next to me is jibber jabbering about. Before I know it, I’m two miles past my exit and I really have no idea how I got there.


When life gets like that for me—when things go so fast that the soundtrack of my life becomes fuzzy and I lose all sense of direction as to where I’m going—it’s hard for me to write about what is going on inside my soul. In all honesty, that is probably when I should write the most because that is when I’m most vulnerable to getting lost. That’s when I could use help from all of you.


However, sometimes we don’t do what is best for us because we are human and make mistakes.  


Thankfully, I know God is ready and waiting for me when I realize what I am doing and come out of my daze. He’s there ready to be by my side and get back on the road with me as I turn the music back up and start living my life fully alive and alert again.


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