Making Holy Week Meaningful With Social Media

I was going through my Facebook news feed last night when I saw a quiz that asked, “Which personality from the Easter story should you reflect on this Holy Week?” I thought it would be a fun little quiz to take that I’d quickly forget about. When I saw my results, however, I was shocked, and, truthfully, it is giving me quite a lot to reflect on.


The quiz tells you who you’d most likely be in the Easter story. My husband took the quiz and got Simon of Cyrene—the man who helps Jesus carry the Cross. It’s fitting because my husband is always ready and willing to help others. I couldn’t wait to see what result I would get.


Then I took the quiz and saw…Barabbas!


My initial reaction was revulsion! How could I be most like the “man in prison for insurrection and murder” Luke 23:25 who is freed so Jesus could take his place? Was I that bad?


The more I thought about it, however, the more I could relate to Barabbas. I recalled all the times in my life that Jesus stepped into my life to save mine—in big and small ways. He has been there to give me second, third and fourth chances to make my life better. Even though Barabbas was a known bad guy, Jesus takes his place and dies in place of him.


I don’t know if Barabbas changed his life or not after that episode with Jesus. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn’t. Maybe he tried and failed and tried again. No one knows. All I know is that the more I think about Barabbas, the more I realize how much Jesus loves us all.


If you’re interested in the quiz you can find it at the link below. If you take it, share your results in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Making Holy Week Meaningful With Social Media”

  1. Who am I?
    I took your quiz and not too surprisingly I got Peter. The blog says it all. It told me that “I have had my ups and downs in life. i fall asleep in prayer but wake up and try again. I have sinned and denied my faith in Christ but came back again. Peter did not let his weakness keep him down but understood that Christ forgives and redeems us when we repent. Peter moved in fear but became more confident in Christ.”
    I always keep in my mind the picture of Peter almost drowning but always reaching to Christ to save him. He is always there in your darkest hour ready to save you. You only need to reach for Him. I do try to keep this confidence in Jesus and always look forward to being an Easter person, Reborn and renewed in faith.


  2. The quiz was pretty accurate with my bible characteristic, I got Mary Magdeline. She was rescued by Jesus as many of us are. She was faithful, loyal and obedient to the teachings of Christ, as we all should try to be. I find that I have those same attributes in my life.


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