A Day in the Life at the Paper

For the past few Fridays, a student from Cathedral High School has been interning at the paper.  One of her assignments was to write a reflection of her time here.  Here is what she had to say:  

Interning at Catholic New York 


Catholic New York is no ordinary newspaper and my first time interning for them proved that.

They aren’t a regular newspaper filled with sob stories, political debates and troublesome banter. On my first day I did not know what to expect. I assumed right off the bat that all of their stories focused on the Bible and all things Catholic. However, I quickly found out they provided so much more. Catholic New York is the true definition of what it is to be a person of the faith. Everyone on their team effectively incorporates everyday life into each section of the newspaper. They work endlessly to bridge the gap between religious and secular life.

For example, in a recent issue, they featured a Navy SEAL who received an award, from President Barack Obama, for his hard work in the military. They brought secular and religious themes together, noting that the SEAL was Catholic.

At Catholic New York you never cease being amazed. Even the advertising team works hard to bridge this same gap. They are allowed to place secular advertising in the newspaper as long as it’s appropriate.

The work here is never done. Even after all the pages are put together and ready to be printed, the content has to be checked over one more time.

Not only has the team at Catholic New York taught me to be continuously motivated, but also to follow my dreams. Everyone has taught me that opportunities are always up for grabs, but finding the one for you, that’s the hard part.

Thank you every one here at Catholic New York for your hard work and useful advice.


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