Hoops in the ‘Hood’

The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal have released a video of slam-dunking friars in parks from the Bronx to New Jersey. It’s part of a new initiative to raise awareness for charities called “Renewal in Motion” that rolled out March 5.


The video is pretty cool. This one in particular is to raise awareness for Mary’s Meals.


If you are familiar with the CFRs (which is the order’s religious initials), you probably know that they are involved in ministries in some rough neighborhoods serving the poor and marginalized. They also have a really great outreach to youths and young adults called Youth 2000 and the Catholic Underground.


This new initiative should be interesting to watch as it develops. And who doesn’t like to watch gray-robed friars showing their skills on the basketball courts?

To learn more: http://www.cny.org/stories/Friars-of-the-Renewal-Use-Hoops-Video-To-Raise-Awareness-of-Marys-Meals,13745 or http://www.facebook.com/renewalinmotion


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