Feeling Low, and Being Raised Up


After about an hour in the waiting room early in the morning at the hospital, the receptionist behind the desk came out and told me, “I don’t know when the doctor will be able to see you.” I looked around, confused because there were practically no people in the waiting area.


I was in so much pain and, at that point, anger, that I wasn’t able to respond. My husband, thankfully, did the speaking for both of us: “Are you telling us to go to another hospital?” The receptionist merely said, “All I can say is, if you stay here, it’s going to be a while.” Hearing that, my husband drove us to another hospital.


I was at a very low point—in horrible pain, tired from not sleeping, stressed and angry.


Thankfully the next hospital took us, literally, as soon as they looked at me as we walked in the door. They were kind and treated me right away.  It turned out I had a kidney stone and for anyone who has had one, you know what that feels like. It’s not good.


Even though it started as a horrible night and was not pleasant being in pain, when it was all over, I was thankful.


Yes, that’s right. Thankful.  Why? Because I had my husband by my side and I had friends and family sending me messages asking if I were okay.  I had kind doctors and nurses who knew what to do.  I was comforted. I was consoled. I was being shown love and mercy and compassion by the people around me.


They were acting as Jesus in my life.


It was a horrible, painful situation, and one I would not wish on my worst enemy—but it showed me how lucky I am to have such wonderful people around me.  


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