Groundhog Day-Ready, Rinse-Repeat?


It’s groundhog day! And the famed Punxsutawney Phil of Pennsylvania didn’t see his shadow. According to groundhog lore, that means there will be an early spring. Hearing about Punxsutawney Phil reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray, in which he lives the same day over and over again.


For parts of the movie, he makes the same, or similar, mistakes repetitively. Every time I see the movie, I think, “Would I be like that? Or would I be different and take advantage of the situation to learn new things, help people, and generally live the best day ever, day after day?”


The truth of the matter is, we all have that choice every single day we wake up. We can either repeat the same mistakes we made the day before or learn from them and do better. It’s up to us to try to take advantage of the day to learn new things and try to make it better than the one before or not. As we see in the movie, though, that’s a hard thing to do. It’s easy to fall into the same ruts, to make the same mistakes, to commit the same sins we always do because that is what we know.


I often feel that what I do each day can be summed up like a shampoo commercial: eat, work, sleep and repeat. But I heard a poem one time that said something along the lines of—you can do a lot of living in between those same old things. Those things can be extraordinary if we put in the effort.


What do you think?


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