Sun-showers and Rainbows

My husband and I were driving along on a crowded Central Avenue yesterday as a near torrent of rain plastered us from above. Suddenly, the whole landscape became illuminated in golden light as the rain-sodden sky changed to one of brightness and sun-showers.


That’s about when we saw dozens of people pulling over and getting out of their cars to take photos.


When I looked to see what everyone was photographing, I gasped at the vibrancy of the rainbow arching across the sky. I had never seen such a clear, crisp rainbow, or one so large and magnificent.

IMG_2428 IMG_2424 IMG_2425

What made the event even more special was that the day, Jan. 10, is my father’s birthday. Sadly, he passed away 14 years ago. But the sun-shower and rainbow made me think of a particular family party we had. I don’t remember the occasion—it was perhaps a First Communion party for my brother or myself—and we were to have a barbecue outside in the backyard.


Rain broke out and we thought the party was ruined. We had to put all the picnic tables into the garage.


But then, a sun-shower broke out. All the kids, me included, were astonished at the sight. What was even better was that my father said all the kids were allowed to go out and play in the rain. I don’t remember much, but I do remember the excitement of seeing that sun-shower and feeling that pure joy when he said we could all go out in it. I felt that same excitement and joy yesterday.


When people say God creates wonderful things, I’ll always think of sun-showers and rainbows.


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