Always Look at the Bright Side of…the Street?


Yesterday I had dinner with a few people, among which was a friend of mine who recently retired from Catholic New York. We had worked together for 7 years and this first week was a bit…different.


But…he looked happy and refreshed. We were jibber-jabbering as some of the group separated and crossed the street to head toward the Thai restaurant where we would be dining before we did.


While we waited for the light to change so we could cross, the song, “Always look at the bright side of your life” popped into my mind. For me, the bright side was hearing him joyfully proclaim, “You can retire. Or you can retire in New York City.”


Looking around at all the streetlights and fluorescent store signs that surrounded us in Union Square, I couldn’t help but smile. Here was my friend, happy and content after many years of a job well done, enjoying a beautiful winter’s night in Manhattan with his wife and friends. Yes, I thought, life doesn’t get too much better than that.


I know from speaking with him over the years that sometimes things at work were rough. Sometimes life was rough. But he kept going, and is still going, on the path that God set forth for him. That gives me great comfort.


I know I mentioned this yesterday, but I think it’s something worth repeating—we may have roadblocks in life, we may get red lights or don’t walk signs. We may get separated from our group or have to go a different way. But like the bright lights of New York City, I like to think that God is there, shining down, illuminating the way for us.  


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