Who Turned the Lights Off?

Yesterday, I wrote about how a very close family member of mine is in the hospital with some serious difficulties. It seems like every time there may be the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel,” the family receives more bad news. When that happens, it’s as if the light is extinguished, and it’s hard to hold onto hope.


It’s hard—but is it impossible? That’s what I am trying to figure out.


I once went through a serious tragedy in my life and for a long time, I couldn’t accept the reality of my situation and was thrust into a deep depression that I still struggle with. I know how hard it is to accept your life when it is drastically changed for the worst. The hardest part was when I lost all hope of a better future.


There is a quote from the Italian poet of the Divine Tragedies that says “There is no greater sorrow than to recall happiness in times of misery.” This was happening to me every time I would visit—I would recall earlier times of joy before the stroke occurred. It would instantly zap me of all of my hope and bring me down. I think it was not the happy memories themselves…those were good. It was the fact that I was comparing the two times. We are all changed when tragedy hits. But when it does, we can react in two ways—we can give up and allow the tragedy to become our whole story or we can fight and make the tragedy into a small part of our life story.


Right now, I have to focus on the fact that my family member is alive and that right now may be bad, but the next hour, the next day, could be better. If only I could convince him that this was the case…that there is hope…that he can keep fighting…that it may seem like an eternity right now but this moment in time can become just a part of his story, and that it can be a good one.


Keep the hope alive! Was there a time you lost hope? How did you get it back? Please share.


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