Out and About at Maryknoll

In Catholic New York, we have a section called “Out and About” which includes Masses, prayer groups and other events in the archdiocese. This past weekend, there was a Bazaar at The Maryknoll Sisters’ Center in Ossining. My husband and I decided to take a trip there to see what was going on.

When we arrived, a Maryknoll sister in a yellow security vest directed us to a parking spot—my husband who has worked in security for nearly his entire career in various forms found this site fantastic.

Inside, there were crafts from the sisters as well as from the missions where they serve including Asia, Africa and South and Central America. The crafts were handmade and beautiful. Here is a shot of me looking at some of the handmade knitting that was on display:
Maryknoll Crafts

The thought that the sisters had been to all of these places was astounding. Each and every one we met was smiling and joyful, even though they had all been to places full of travesty and depression. But a sign they had outside seemed to sum up why they were so joyful. It said something along the lines of: thank you for helping to feed the poor, serve those in need, etc. It reminded me that the sisters weren’t focused on the negatives, but on the good they could do, and that we could all do, even with our little purchases that day.


I had only been to Maryknoll once before, and my husband had never been to the grounds, so seeing the enormity of it with the changing leaves of fall all around was spectacular. We took a walk around, enjoying the crisp weather and stopped in front of a statue of Mary to say a prayer before we left.

Maryknoll Outside

What started as a shopping trip turned into something much more spiritual for both of us. If you haven’t checked out Catholic New York’s calendar, you can also see it online at www.cny.org/calendar.html


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