Would You Go…to ‘The Future?’

Today is “Back to the Future” day. That means a lot to movie buffs and nerds everywhere who have seen the “Back to the Future” trilogy. It’s the day that Marty McFly time travels to the future-to exactly Oct. 21, 2015. Marty McFly sees his possible future and that of his family. It raises an interesting question: If you could visit the future and see how your life is going to turn out if you continue on the path you are on right now, would you?


Would you get into that Delorean and take the ride? Or would you let time sort things out on it’s own?

I might.

However, I think we don’t really need the time-traveling machine to know if the path we are on is a good one. Sometimes all we have to do is contemplate on our current situation and face the truth. That means asking the hard questions. For me, those questions can include: Am I being faithful to God? Am I being honest with myself and others? Am I doing all that I can at work, at home, for my health?

Depending on those answers, I can guess if I’m on the right path or not and see where I need to make changes.

And for all the “Back to the Future” lovers out there, the future is today, so let’s not waste any time setting a path for our future!


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