Coming in Loud and Clear

The antennae in our car broke. My husband and I aren’t sure how it happened. We noticed it when our favorite stations became fuzzy and wouldn’t come in. Well, most stations wouldn’t come in. Perhaps because of our proximity to Fordham University, WFUV came in crystal clear. And you’ll never guess what happened to be playing at the time.

I must be honest. It’s hard to admit—but I’m not perfect. I didn’t go to Sunday Mass this weekend. But it seems like that wasn’t going to stop God because as soon as I got into the car…you guessed it, WFUV was broadcasting the Mass live from the University Church. Over the airwaves came a voice that sounded shockingly like Sean Connery (Father Patrick Ryan, S.J., I’m talking about you!) I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, or the timing.


The incident left me shocked, for sure. But it also made me feel like God was reaching out to me. I felt so close to God in that moment in the car and found myself really praying, telling Him that I loved Him, even though I had been very distant as of late. I knew that it wasn’t some coincidence that all of the circumstances led up to that instant—God knows the plans he has for us. And sure, it may seem like a small thing (a blip on the radio—pun intended), but to me it was a true and clear sign. Get back to praying regularly. Get back to church. Get back to God.


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