Jesus Loves You, But…

You’ve probably seen the message: “Jesus loves you, but I’m his favorite” somewhere at some point in your life. I’ve seen it on a number of car bumpers as my husband and I travel around New York, from Manhattan to Wappingers Falls, and all areas in between. 

Right now, I feel like I could sport a shirt or hat with that message sprawled on it and feel it. Today is by no means a perfect day, either—just this morning I went into my editor’s office and talked for about five minutes without realizing I had a mixture of lipstick and red juice on my teeth until I got back to my desk. But unlike other days when something like that would cause me to malfunction and shut down, full of embarrassment, I just laughed it off and kept going.


I have to admit, lately, I haven’t been relating to Jesus all that well. In fact, there have been a number of days where I haven’t been able to feel him at all. I would pray and it would feel like it was going out into oblivion. But something was different about today. I woke up and felt like I had Jesus by my side—like a friend. Sometimes I forget that we have to relate to Jesus in the best way we know how—for some people that means looking to him as a mentor or teacher, for example. Well, that works if you’ve had great experiences with teachers. 


For me, I like to see Jesus as an unconditionally loving friend who is there to just be with me—

someone who isn’t there to judge me or question me or tell me what to do. I like thinking of him that way. As a friend who loves you so much they just want to be with you, imperfections and all, and they choose to be with you, because they love you so much. 



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