My Papal Moment

I didn’t get a chance to see Pope Francis up close and personal. I didn’t have an epiphany or a reawakening of my spirit when he came to town. But I did have something that I think a lot of New Yorkers had—a moment when I saw the pope and thought, “I think I’d like to be friends with this guy.”

During the Mass at Madison Square Garden on Sept. 25, I was pretty focused on catching everything that Pope Francis said so I could write about it in my article. I also had to deal with some waves of nausea thanks to my high seat position (see my earlier post ‘God Was There’ for more on that). But I was as excited as everyone when he came zipping through the arena on his golf cart and even stood up to cheer—which was a momentous feat for me due to my fear of heights.


But there was one particular moment. It lasted perhaps five seconds, at the end of the pope’s homily, when he asked for prayers and smiled that I saw what all the fuss was about. That genuine beaming smile, a lighthearted grin that you could see in his mouth that lit up in his eyes, when he asked for prayers was something else. It melted away all the anxiety I felt throughout the week and especially that day as I worked on one of my biggest assignments.

Did you get a chance to see Pope Francis? Is there a story you would like to share?


One thought on “My Papal Moment”

  1. Wait a second… the Pope was in New York? 😉
    I’m glad you got to experience that. And I can relate about his warm smile and gentle eyes. He is a very likable human being. They made the right choice when they made him Pope.


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