God Was There

I was nervous going into Madison Square Garden for the Papal Mass. I was excited and felt blessed to be able to experience such an event as well, but there were some things that were a little frightening. The first was my seat.  
I am terrified of heights. And wouldn’t you know it…I was placed on The Chase Bridge…the highest point in the Garden. And I was in the first row. The whole front barrier is made of glass, the table is made of glass. So it feels as if you are sitting there atop the Garden. I would get waves of nausea every few minutes. But God was there, placing me near entryway. 
Not only that, he placed me near a journalist who was friendly and kind, who talked with me and helped me feel like I was not alone. 
Since there was time before the event, and it had been a long day, I decided to get something to eat at one of the concession stands with my neighbor reporter. We went down to a lower level, got our food and proceeded to go back up. Or at least tried to. She was able to up the escalator with no problems. Again, my fear of heights kicked in and I just couldn’t get myself to go back up. Thankfully, a kind security guard saw me struggling, and helped me step onto the escalator and rode it up with me, along with the next escalator as well. I was humiliated, but it was okay, I knew God was there, putting the security guard right where I needed a steady hand to help me.  
I knew that the pope was visiting, and I couldn’t wait to see him, but I felt God there, and knew He was there to stay. 


2 thoughts on “God Was There”

  1. My darling Aunt Maureen calls them “angels” – a person who almost magically appears when you need them to lend a much needed helping hand. It’s a lovely phenomenon for sure.


  2. This is a great post. Honest, sincere and inspirational. You should be very proud of yourself for conquering your fear, and having the faith to do it!


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