The Papal Posse

Today I read an article that quoted Pope Francis saying he has felt “used” by people who said they were his friends. He noted that some people claimed to be his friend in order to get something out of him—to earn some sort of advantage. That bothered him.

He went on to say, “Friendship is something sacred. The Bible says to have one or two friends.”

I thought that was an interesting thing for Pope Francis to say—after all, his nickname is “The People’s Pope.” I thought for sure he would be for as many friendships as possible. But the more I thought about it, the more it makes sense to have a small, close circle of friends that you can really trust and rely on.

Right now, for example, I can count the number of close friends I have on one hand. Two I see every month, one I see every day, some I email or text. I know I can count on all of them to be there for me in good times and bad. But why would Pope Francis say friendship is “sacred?”

I’m not a theologian, and I’m not sure what the pope was thinking when he said that, but the way I understand it is that friendship brings you out of yourself—it should hopefully bring out the best in you because you become concerned for your friends. You love your friends and want to care for them in the best way you know how. Time spent together is never wasted, it’s cherished and enjoyed, even if it’s nothing more than sitting together. A lot can be said for just relaxing with people you trust.

What do you think? Do you think the pope is right, and that your inner circle of friends should be kept small? Or do you disagree? Please share.


One thought on “The Papal Posse”

  1. I agree with this statement. There are a lot of people that I run into, talk with and could consider “friends” but only a very few that I can be truly honest with and know that they will listen openly without judgement. Only those small few that I consider true friends and not just friends of convienence. Those I can rely on no matter what, not just when it will benefit them or fit into their achedule. And of course even those that I may not talk to in weeks or even months but will seem like no time has passed at all when we are finally able to meet.


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