A Message That Changed My Life

I’m not going to lie—sometimes it’s hard to write for an online audience. There are always those lingering questions: “Does anyone really read or care about what I’m writing?” “Does my writing make a difference?” and more importantly, “Is this what God wants me to do?”

On a particularly contemplative day, I was mulling over these questions and how they relate to my life when I saw that I had an unread message in my Facebook inbox for “Footprints on the Journey.”

What I read shocked my soul to life.

Any doubts I had about what I was “meant” to do were erased. I knew that I was where God wanted me to be. I’d like to share what the note said with all of you because it touched me so much, and also shows how reaching out with one kind act can have a huge effect on someone.

The note was from a sweet woman named Jasmin North.

Ms. North wrote, “As you had once written about having an atheist friend, I also have one…or at least had. His name is Thomas Romanelli.”

She continued on and wrote, “To make this short, I actually persuaded Romanelli to start reading FOTJ. Slowly, but surely, he became interested. Eventually, he started to become open towards the idea, and is now a Christian, has joined the Catholic Church.”

She ended this amazing letter by saying, “I thank you so much, Mrs. DosSantos, and I think I can speak for Romanelli as well. I believe the Lord has worked through you.” I also have to share with you all that when I finally did see and read this note, I was feeling pretty depressed and was questioning whether or not my own spiritual journey was going in the right direction and was it worth the hard work that I was putting in.

So when I read this note, I cried. Back in 2010, when I started this blog, I told my editor that if I had one reader who was helped, in even the smallest way, it would be worth it. Ms. North, you made this whole endeavor worth it. For that, I am forever grateful. You say that God worked through me, but He really worked through you! I’m glad that I could play a small part.

I wanted to share this post not to boast of myself, but to show how each and every action has a reaction—and how it’s so true that God has a plan for all of us, whether we see it or not.


2 thoughts on “A Message That Changed My Life”

  1. He does work in wonderous ways, always beside us, ready to hold us, May He continue to show you how precious and loved you are. Be open and accepting to His ways and realize His love.


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