Pope Francis Friday! – UPDATE!

Welcome Back to the 4th installment of #PopeFrancisFriday! Pope Francis is making waves—digitally—before his upcoming trip to the United States. With some 1.3 million followers on Twitter as of this writing, and rising, the pope has been a proponent of using social media to connect with different members of the Church. Now, with his visit nearly upon us, interests are rising, and so have popemojis…or emojis featuring the pontiff. The app, which is downloadable for iOS and Android devices is full of stickers and gifs that users can send to one another featuring Pope Francis in a majority of scenes. Here are just two of them:

pope pontifex

The app is available for free download and is called “Popemoji.” This is just one unique way people can get into the excitement of the papal visit. Share what you are doing to get ready for the pope’s visit in a sentence or two and be entered to win a random drawing for a Pope Francis bobble head! The drawing will take place on Monday, Sept. 14 at noon. (Be sure to include your email address in the proper field in the comment section below so we can contact you if you are selected so we can find out where to ship your prize—your email address will not be published.)

We have a winner! Congratulations to Mary Gregory of Brooklyn who was randomly selected as the winner of a Pope Francis bobble head!  See you all on the 18th for the next installment of #PopeFrancisFriday! 


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