Taking Advice From Mother Teresa

September 5 was the feast day for Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, otherwise known as Mother Teresa, who spent much of her life with the poor and forgotten. I didn’t know that it was her Feast Day until I saw a number of quotes and photos of her posted on Facebook and Twitter.

I realized as I read each quote that Mother Teresa gave good advice. One quote in particular stood out to me: “Do not let the past disturb you. Just leave everything in the Sacred Heart, and begin again with joy.” When it comes to bad news, old memories and past mistakes I’m like the first victim in a horror movie—the one that always trips and falls—I can’t help but look back.

What really made me think about the quote and take it to heart was the second part “Just leave everything in the Sacred Heart, and begin again with joy.” We’ve all heard the message about leaving the past in the past. And everyone who has tried to do that knows just how difficult it is. But Mother Teresa gives us a new way to go about it. Give it to God and start again with joy. How beautiful is that? Every time we make a mistake or, on the flip side, get hurt by someone, we can give those feelings over to God and start fresh, with joy.

It might sound odd to think that after something negative you can go on living with joy. It sounded really hard to do to me, too. I think that’s why I liked it so much. I know that sometimes after a tragedy, it’s hard to begin again at all. But sometimes, when we hand over the feelings that upset us, we not only free ourselves, but we can learn to use those same feelings to empathize and help others—and that can bring a lot of joy.

What do you think? Do you agree with the quote, or do you feel otherwise? Please share.


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