UPDATE-To All the Popes We’ve Known Before

Welcome back to the third installment of #PopeFrancisFriday! Since it was just announced that Pope Francis will be taking a ride in his popemobile through Central Park, Catholic New York thought this would be a fitting time to take a walk through history. Did you know that Pope Francis isn’t the first pontiff to visit Manhattan’s famous oasis of green. In 1995, Saint John Paul II celebrated Mass there for more than 130,000 attendees. That wasn’t his first time in New York, either. He first visited as a pope in 1979. The archdiocese has hosted other popes as well. And that is where today’s quiz comes in! PF billboard How well do you know the previous popes who have visited New York City? The top scorers will be collected and a winner will be selected from them at random to receive the book “Christ Our Hope: Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Journey to the United States and Visit to the United Nations.” All quizzes must be entered by Tuesday, Sept. 8, by noon. Click on the link below to be taken to the four-question quiz, and don’t forget to include your email and mailing address in case you are chosen as the winner! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HG9ZGQF


We have a winner! Manuel Albino of Manhattan has won the “To All the Popes We’ve Known Before” contest! Congratulations, and thank you to all who entered. 


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