Fill it up, Please

Most people know the old cliché question “Do you see your glass as half empty or half full?” that determines if one is an optimist or pessimist. Well, I heard something on the radio that shattered my half-empty glass mentality completely. 

The woman said something along the lines of: “You miss the whole point with that question. You can always refill the glass.” 


Mind. Blown. It doesn’t matter if you’re optimistic or pessimistic, there’s always more room for things to get better. Although it may be harder for the pessimist to believe that statement, it’s rational and makes a lot of sense. 


When I think about my glass and faith, I imagine that my glass is half full. But I want to fill it back up. It’s something that I am trying very hard to do. For the past few days, weeks, perhaps months, my faith has been in flux. Some days, it feels like God has abandoned me. I’m having one of those days today. 


So what can I do to refill my glass? For me, I’ve found that straight-out praying is hard in times such as these. Reading the Bible is easier, as is reading religious books, even if it’s just a short passage. I also found that if you have a friend you can lean on and talk to, that helps fill the glass up even quicker. Sometimes emptying out your worries and your fears can help fill your glass back up with hope. 


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