Back to the Surface

If you’ve seen the movie Jaws, you’ll remember the scene in which the biologist is lowered into the ocean in a cage, with the hopes to inject a poison into the mouth of the monster shark Jaws, thus saving countless lives who would otherwise have become the cold-blooded beast’s dinner. 


That scene was terrifying to me. The thought of being lowered under water in a cage to face a monster with nothing more than smarts and a weapon that is only effective if used in one small area of the monster’s body?! Yet, the character does just that, and does it willingly to try to save the lives of others. Unfortunately, he fails and drops the needle. I won’t say any more in case there are those of you who have yet to see the movie (for shame!).


But I will say that as the cage is brought back up, it’s empty. 


I think it’s a good metaphor for problems in life. Sometimes problems seem so daunting (like Jaws) and the solution so radical (like fighting Jaws off with a needle) and the way to come face to face with those problems so scary (like the cage) that we might be inclined to never try. And what if, like in the movie, we come up empty-handed? 


In the words of Ian Ziering’s character in another famed shark movie, Sharknado, “You’re scared. I’m scared, too. Sharks are scary, and no-one wants to get eaten.” In other words, sometimes you have to face things you don’t want to: like illness, addiction, bad news, hard tasks, etc. and you may feel unprepared or even terrified. But faith teaches us that it’s better to give it your all, to go into the deep waters rather than not dive in and face your fears at all. 


Have you overcome a fear recently? How did your faith help you through it? 


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