Hope, By Mail

A few days ago I received a package in the mail with a pen, post it’s, a bookmarker and some other items with a slogan that reads “H.O.P.E. Hang On Pray Every Day.” The message made me smile and every time I look at the items, I do the same.

hope in a box

The delivery reminded me of my first day away at college. I was sitting in my dorm room waiting for my roommate to arrive when a representative from Fordham came in through my door—which was propped open in case other freshman on the floor wanted to say hello—and gave me a bucket full of stuff. There was a book about Fordham, a maroon school t-shirt and some candy and other goodies. It turns out my parents had ordered the bucket to be shipped to me when I arrived on my first day.

That one act of kindness colored that entire first day—turning it instantly from a day of trepidation and anxiety to one of school spirit and excitement.

The “HOPE in a Box” gave me that same feeling I had on my first day at Fordham—one of happiness, surprise and hope that a great future is ahead.

I looked up the company online and “Hope In a Box” has a lot of great items including baseball caps, travel coffee mugs, etc., that would be great for those who are just going off to college. (Coffee travel mugs?! You had me right there!) But really, the gifts could brighten up anyone’s day and remind them that with prayer, hope is possible. If you want to check them out the web address is: http://www.hopeinabox.com.

Did you ever receive something in the mail that made you feel hope, love or comfort? Please share in the comments section below!


One thought on “Hope, By Mail”

  1. My mother sends me things in the mail occasionally, like articles she thinks I’d like, or even pages from a catalog featuring awful, frilly bedding sets, a hideous pair of shoes or a dress that she jokingly tells me she’s going to order for me, and won’t I look “just gorgeous” in it!
    The simple fact that she was thinking of me and took the time to let me know it makes my day bright. Better than any expensive gift I could ever receive.


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