Spreading the Good

“Good morning.” Those are two words I don’t say enough and when I do say them, I don’t do it with nearly enough sincerity. But today the meaning of those words finally sunk into my thick skull after a co-worker greeted me with that phrase for probably the thousandth time. And I know she means it every time.

It’s funny how there is so much talk in the news about how people are becoming desensitized to violence from video games and such. I feel that for me at least, it’s just the opposite and that I am desensitized to so many good things. I’m built in such a way that I wake up each morning wondering what awaits me, worry about what is to come. But that’s no way to live. Like my coworker said, “good morning.”

It is a good morning, and it can continue to be a good afternoon if I stay in the right attitude. She taught me a great lesson with those two simple words, just because she says them so often and with so much kindness every time. That’s all it takes to make someone feel, in a word, good.

I’m going to thank that coworker for spreading something good today. It’s a simple act of kindness, and something we can all do. It just might make someone’s day.


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