Familiar Frustration

One of my beautiful nieces turned 13 this weekend. My brother and his wife had a family party yesterday to celebrate the occasion. There was food and cake, catching up and laughing, and of course, presents.

One set of grandparents gave her a selfie stick—a gift she happily received. However, that excitement turned into frustration, and perhaps embarrassment, as the family loudly exclaimed, “I want to be in a photo!”

“Take a picture over here!,” groups of people yelled from various corners and crevices in the living room. I saw the look of horror on my niece’s face—but, honestly, I wanted to be in a photo with her, too!

Getting your teenage niece or nephew to pose with you is priceless. I wasn’t going to let that chance slip by!

But I totally understood her frustration because I went through the same embarrassment from my family. As the years went by, I learned to appreciate and love it—the loudness, the teasing, it was all showcasing feelings.

Sure, the Beatles may be known for singing “All You Need is Love,” but Jesus had been preaching that long before. But no matter how it comes across—in loud ways or whispers, in singing or shouting, in photos or postings on Facebook—it’s something special to be appreciated because it’s a rare commodity.

I hope she doesn’t delete those photos.


2 thoughts on “Familiar Frustration”

    1. Say it ain’t so!

      I wonder when I made the change-over to the other side–the side of adulthood–because in my mind I feel like I’m still 19 or 20 years old!


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