Can Coldplay Change Your Life?

I have diabetes. You have no idea how hard it is for me to type that sentence. It’s so hard, in fact, that it’s taken me over a week to get the nerve up to write this post. You see, my father died of complications from diabetes ten years ago. So this disease has become one of my biggest fears. And now I have it.

I’ve only lived with diabetes for a week, but each day I wake up and obsess over all the things that can go wrong with me now. I’m frightened, even terrified. If any one of you, dear readers, has a chronic illness, I praise you for your bravery. It seems as if the thought of diabetes has taken over my life and my mind. Each night I end up crying thinking about how the disease ravaged my father’s body.

I didn’t think I could ever learn to live with diabetes, it felt like an uphill battle. As I was pacing the floor, trying to come to terms with my new life and all I had to do now—watch what I eat, test my blood sugar, take a new medication—when I caught a glimpse of a board I made of positive quotes. It was one by the band Coldplay that says, “But if you never try you’ll never know just what you’re worth.”

That quote, out of all the others, was the only one I saw. It reminded me that my father’s story is not my story, even though his story is part of mine. And, more importantly, it reminded me that no matter how hard a battle we are thrown into, we have to fight.


6 thoughts on “Can Coldplay Change Your Life?”

  1. I don’t have a terminal illness, but I can imagine what it feels like… My grandfather died of diabetes, and Hypertension is also in my family. We just have to keep fighting no matter what. All these are challenges that we have to deal with, and God will never belabour us more than we can handle


  2. Once again I must enlighten the author. Diabetes is a somewhat controllable disease if you take care of yourself and maintain a balanced lifestyle of exercise and diet. There are more diseases that are far more debilitating that not only affect adults but children as well. These diseases that affect children in particular are far worse. For these children have no idea what is happening to them or why. You, the author as an adult with a disease know what needs to be done. It is up to you to do it. And if we are going to quote music, how about a movie quote for you. From the Shawshank Redemption( perfect timing ) ……”Get busy living or get busy dying”


  3. I also developed a chronic illness that my mother had. I was devastated especially since I too took care of her as you did for your father. Life gives us battles we can’t choose but must fight. I enjoy your blog and how you are able to inspire with references from the bible and this time with words from a song. Keep up the battle, you will win and I am sure help others too.


  4. I am sorry, but I agree with Njd3 that it can be controlled and you can leave a very long life with it, just you have to give a lots of attention to your self, but nothing is impossible. We pray for you! With God’s help the impossible is possible.


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