Believing the Unbelievable, in a “Flash”

This weekend while I was hanging out with my brother we decided to watch the television show “The Flash.” I agreed because I knew the pilot episode had recently won a Christopher Award; he agreed because he is a superhero fanatic.

I love my superheroes, too, but for all the comic book nerds out there—I am a Marvel girl so the DC universe was new to me. I knew a little about the Flash but not much. I wasn’t sure what to expect when the series started but from that pilot episode and some of the bits of dialogue I was hooked. The main character, Barry Allen (the boy who becomes The Flash—for exactly how that happens, you’ll have to watch the show!), says in one scene, “To understand what I’m about to tell you, you need to do something, you need to believe the impossible, can you do that?”


I knew from that line this was going to be a show I would like. That one line made my heart flutter just a bit. In an instant, I was a kid again, opening a new comic book—curiosity filling my mind as to what adventures and magic waited inside.

We both enjoyed the show. But at the end, my brother asked me, “Why did this win an award from a Catholic place?”

It was a good question. At the Christopher Awards, the hero of the show was commended for his “moral strengths born out of pain.” Allen didn’t have an easy life—his mother was murdered, his father is in jail as the culprit, and how he obtains his powers is not that pleasant. He grows into his character, as we all do, through trials, doubt and uncertainty, and obstacles. I told my brother that it’s a story of resurrection and even one of finding your own path using your own strengths for your vocation in life.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite show that has reaches down and touches a common human truth?


2 thoughts on “Believing the Unbelievable, in a “Flash””

  1. I recently started watching this show as well, and enjoyed it very much. The Catholic references are more subtle than other show that I enjoy, Blue Bloods, but it is refreshing to see positive references to Catholicism.


  2. wow…that’s a very powerful and positive statement! I feel like it reminds me of Christ himself, and his mission into the world. And how we have to believe Him always. It also reminds me of my country, Nigeria, and how the new leader wants us to believe in him..


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