First Things First

My husband and I have been “church shopping.” Although that doesn’t really quite fit what we are doing. That, however, was the plan. We picked a few churches in the area around us, and were going to see what they were like, sort of like an open house, and find one that fit us. But, like many things in my life, the first one was the one we went with.

I’m pretty much a person of “firsts.” What I mean by that is, the first wedding dress I tried on, I fell in love with—and that was the one I wore walking down the aisle. The first apartment that my husband and I went to look at is the one we now live in. The first, and pretty much only college I looked at—Fordham University—was the one I attended. The first place that offered me a chance to attend school abroad for a year, I took (at Oxford University.)

Luckily for me, all of those firsts worked out.

I’m hoping the same is true of this new church. We put off going inside and checking it out for quite a while.

Of course it’s difficult knowing that the parish were my mother and father were married; where my brother and his wife were married; where my father’s funeral was offered; where me and my husband were married. On the other side, this is also the first time that my husband and I have chosen a church on our own. It’s frightening because it’s out of our comfort zone, but it’s also beautiful to recreate your spiritual life in a new place.


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