Lent is Over. What Now?

My husband and I are two different creatures. Generally after a long road trip, he likes to stay in the hotel room and relax. I, on the other hand, am usually full of excitement and want to explore wherever we are right away. That’s usually how I feel after the long penitential season of Lent when Easter Sunday finally arrives.

But this year, something was different. When Easter came, my husband and I attended church. I responded during Mass, I sang, I listened. I went through all the proper motions. But that sense of elation and joy was absent. Perhaps it was because I knew that this Lent I didn’t try as hard as I usually do to keep my Lenten promises. (I gave up shopping for non-essential items, among other promises.)

Now that this particular liturgical season is over, I find myself asking, “What now?” Then I remembered something that the pastor said during Mass at the church we attended on Easter (St. Patrick’s in Yorktown Heights). He said, “Try each day to be a little more Christ-like.”

That stood out to me out of everything he said because I’m generally a go all-in type of person. I like to do things all at once and get frustrated if I can’t. This method of doing things in baby steps has been a new revelation for me for the past while, and here it was again, said in church, right when I felt like a huge failure.

Sure, Lent is over, but if you’re like me, there is still a lot more work to be done spiritually. I plan to try to do it little by little, day by day. And if it has to be, minute by minute. Lent may be 40 days, but there is no time limit on how and when we choose to get closer to God.


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