Emergency Care

On Sunday night last week, as I was prepared to settle in for the Sunday blues to hit, something far worse struck instead. It felt as if a giant sword, just brandished from the fire from a blacksmith, was thrust into my left side. I had experienced this pain before. I had a kidney stone.

I woke my husband up from his slumber, and asked, all the while hunched over, grasping my back in agony, “Can you take me to the Emergency Room. I think I have another kidney stone. I’m in a lot of pain.”

He immediately jumped out of bed, threw some clothes on and off we went to the nearest hospital. After a wait that seemed like forever, a doctor did a CAT-scan and confirmed I had two kidney stones. I was given medication and sent on my way.

Today is Reconciliation Monday, and parishes are open to hear confession—which for me is kind of like a spiritual emergency room.

Sometimes I feel the same way about my soul as I did about my body. “I think I have a stone in my soul. I’m in a lot of pain.” In those situations, Catholics do have an “emergency room.”

Confession is one of the most healing and, I think, one of the most beautiful moments, Catholics can experience—a chance to start over, to renew our souls, to unburden our hearts. God can fix what is broken and start to remove piece by piece our spiritual pain. What a wonderful way to start Holy Week.


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