The “Snowmageddon” That Wasn’t?

I didn’t plan my week with the thoughts of a snowstorm, let alone a blizzard. I had a busy week coming up and had every detail and hour accounted for—if any one piece was out of place, the whole week could come crashing down like an avalanche and overwhelm me.

As a child, I looked forward to snow days with enthusiasm and hope. I prayed to God for snow days, I went to bed in anticipation of waking up to snow covered streets and sidewalks, with no possibility of getting to school. I would turn on the television, hoping that my school would be on “the list” that is, the school closings list.

Now, as an adult, I enjoy snow days, but the enthusiasm is gone. As a child, I’d rush out the door to find other kids in the neighborhood for snowball fights, tobogganing, and other winter fun. Yesterday, I didn’t even leave my apartment. I lost that childlike wonder. It was a sad realization.

Maybe there was no “Snowmageddon,” but the blizzard that was not did make me realize that something inside of me was lost along the way. I hope to find it and bring it back, if it’s at all possible.

What do you think? Is it possible to bring back the feeling of happiness that children have into your life as an adult?


3 thoughts on “The “Snowmageddon” That Wasn’t?”

  1. I get still get some childlike butterflies at the prospect of a snow day, and even just big storms, simply for being the wonder of nature’s power that they are. They’re exciting, and scary. So yes. I believe you can feel that way again.


  2. Seeing the snowfall was a reminder how my friends and I would look for the biggest snowdrifts to jump into. We would return home covered in snow looking like snowmen, we had such fun. But now as an adult snowstorms make me worry about my loved ones who need to travel in them. Once I know all are home safe I can then sit and enjoy the beauty. Even the bible reminds us that as we were children we did things as children but as we grow we put away childish things, not with sadness but with acceptance of the change of times. Enjoy life as you are, not looking back for once was but for what is now.


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