Rock, Paper, Smile

My soul has been filled with rocks that have weighed me down for the past few days—rocks made up of depression, exhaustion, ingratitude, and a plethora of other negative feelings. Needless to say, it was getting to be a burden to just get through each day. Then this morning, those rocks began to roll away.

I was typing at my computer when I heard someone come up behind me and smack something down on my desk. I turned around and saw my editor walking away—having left a shiny small package of cards on my desk.

At first I thought they were baseball cards, but on closer inspection, I saw that they were “Kitten Bowl” cards! (What makes the exchange even funnier is my editor’s dislike of cats and my love of them—I have two cats at home.)


That tiny package of paper cards made me smile and feel a sense of gratitude. I sat there and looked through the cards, at the pictures on each one, and felt myself calming down after a hectic few weeks. I have the cards on display on my desk so I can look at them whenever I feel stressed out.

It was a simple gesture, a small act, but sometimes that is all it takes to make someone smile and feel grateful again.

Have you ever experienced something similar? Please share.


5 thoughts on “Rock, Paper, Smile”

  1. A few kind or flattering words, or the smallest act of kindness, like someone holding a door for me or smiling, can make my whole outlook on life do a 180.


    1. That is so true. It happens often with my friends. I’ll be in my own headspace when a good friend or family member will do something or say something kind that brings me right out and back into the world with a bright and happy outlook that makes me want to reach out also. I guess it’s true about “paying it forward.”


  2. It always seems to be that the its the simplest things, which are often ignored, but have a wonderful habit of showing up at just the right moment when you need them most.


  3. With this crazy hectic world we live in, where no one takes time to smell the flowers, I really appreciate it when someone takes time to give me a call.


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