How Do You Take Your Prayers?


A friend and coworker of mine recently tried a pumpkin spice latte for the first time. If you knew how much he favors the old and familiar, you would know how much of a big deal this was. He is a regular cream and sugar in his coffee kind of guy. He came in proud that he had at least tried it and had joined into the “The Club.”


His experience made me think about prayers and how sometimes its good to shake things up in our prayer life. Like my friend, I like my coffee pretty much the same every day—black with a few ice cubes in it. From his experience, however, it sounds like I am missing out on a whole world of coffee drinks.


The same can be said for my prayer life. I’m a simple prayer type of girl-the talk straight to Jesus kind of praying. Perhaps I should try some formal types of prayer, or pray more with others, or try prayer practices that take me out of my comfort zone to “spice” things up, as it were.


I know the feeling that going out of one’s comfort zone can bring—fear, anxiety and the like, but I also know the feel of triumph and exhilaration that come afterwards. Imagine having that feeling of exhilaration in your prayer life!


I may end up going back to my regular coffee, but who knows, there might be another way of taking it out there that I like. The only way to know is to try.


Have you ever gone out of your comfort zone to find you absolutely love something? Please share!




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