Emergency Rooms and Urgent Prayers

I’m a stubborn person. So it was no surprise to me when I had to go back to the emergency room twice in the same week with a stubborn kidney stone that wouldn’t move. What was a surprise was how much pain I would be in.

I had heard kidney stones were painful, but I had no idea how much they hurt until I went through it myself. As I lay on the emergency room bed, trying to remain calm, the only thing I could think of was: “Please, God, help me.” Nothing else existed except those four words and my pain. That was my world until the doctors came and gave me medication. Even when I was hospitalized and brought up to my room, as soon as the medication wore off, my little world came back, and so did those four words, “Please, God, help me.”

I couldn’t even manage to say the words out loud, that’s how bad that little stone felt in my kidney. Looking back on the week now that it is over and I am feeling better, I can see how special it is to offer up prayers of pain and suffering to God. “Special?” You may be repeating to yourself right now? Yes, I really do think that it is special when you pray to God in your pain because you are uniting yourself to Him on the Cross and that is a special thing.

Think back on your life. Was there a time that you felt your suffering brought you closer to God? If so, please share as someone may be struggling right now and you may be able to help.


One thought on “Emergency Rooms and Urgent Prayers”

  1. Hello friend, thank you for spreading the Word of God through your blog.
    Hope you are doing alright after your recent trials.
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    Peace be with you, Marvin Max.


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