Seduced By Worldly Things

Thanks to a bout of insomnia, I’ve been up pretty late at night/early in the morning. Often in those hours, I’ll find myself watching infomercials or home shopping networks. A few nights ago, that was the case. A product that was being sold on the television mesmerized me.

It was for a makeup product. The girl on the television had skin that was practically illuminated. She wiped the makeup from half her face to reveal the ordinariness behind it, and quickly applied in a few swipes this seemingly miraculous makeup—and—POW! Instantly her face looked like that of an angel. Perhaps the lack of sleep added to the miraculousness of the moment, but I felt that not only did I want that make up; I needed it in my life.

I quickly took out my tablet, and ordered. When the makeup arrived a few days later, I opened it like a child opens a gift on Christmas. I couldn’t wait to try it out the next day before work. Sadly, the next morning, when I put it on, I looked like me, with regular make up on. I wasn’t illuminated, airbrushed, or magically transformed. I guess makeup can only do so much.

I joked around with a few coworkers about the incident, but secretly, I was a little disappointed.

I had to remind myself that God doesn’t grade us on our looks. He died on the Cross for us because He loves us. That’s the simple fact. He loves us. Even with all our imperfections—covered up or not.

Have you ever bought anything on television that disappointed you? Please share!


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